PUBG PC or PUBG mobile?

Hey PUBG lovers , what do you think is more better and enjoyable to play ? PUBG on mobile or PUBG on PC? Consider the question with on console as well.

I’m not a PUBG player, but what I heard from my friends, mobile playing is much better than on a PC. What about you bro? Mobile or PC?

I’ve played PUBG on mobile, and absolutely love to play it.

What you heard is right, it takes less time to load, less space to store, and better overall experience in playing.

PUBG and PUBG Mobile have many differences that make them unique, such as graphics, design, gun and vehicle mechanics, customization, and game modes. A lot of my friends are playing it on mobile rather than on console.

Its hard for me to control the game on Mobile. I used to play games on PC than Mobile and i fell my self much pro in PC. I have a gaming mouse which helps me to make a perfect and pop the enemy’s head. I prefer PUBG PC. Its make your game more smoothly and good

For me PUBG Mobile is more fun than the PC version of the game.

I played this game on both Pc and mobile, and I find out that it’s all about concentrating and I think playing PUBG on PC gives you a high level of concentration. It gives more intense. But many people can’t afford it since you’re required a high-level PC game to handle the emulator

I tried to play it on a PC but playing on mobile for me is better. I am shooting better on my phone.

I’d say that PUBG mobile is definitely better because matches are small. And the maps are good too. And even better part the graphics is small yet worth checking out. I’d say mobile experience is definitely better for the graphics and short matches.

I’m a pc player so PUBG pc…