Purchased a broke Xbox Series X and fixed it up

A while back I got my hands on a broken or dead Xbox Series X. I got it for really cheap, like $130, as it came with everything and the box. I looked it over and found that the power supply was dead, so I purchased a new one, set it up, and bam, it worked like a charm. So, I only ended up paying around $200 for an Xbox Series X when I account in the cost of the power supply and other things.

Have you ever repaired an Xbox console?

Nope, but you were lucky that only the power supply was broken. Great investment man.

I have never had to repair mine. I ended up selling it because I was hardly playing anything on it. Sold it to a friend. It ended up breaking down a few months back and I can’t remember what the issue was but he has yet to fix it. It is probably a bigger issue than a power supply I am guessing.