Puzzle games for my 12 year old daughter

I have daughter and she love to play puzzle games. She played infinity Loop and Candy Crush but now she’s bit bored from them since they’re now outdated. These games are easy and can be playable from single hand especially my 12 year old daughter can play such games. Kindly suggest me good puzzle games so my daughter won’t bother me lol

You should try sokoban, its a block pushing games and its worth for your daughter. You should try The outer wilds too both of these games are in my to do list

Ever played Opus Magnum?, This game is simple and easy to play also much better than what you’re looking for.

Oh my daughter also played sokoban and she’s in level 60. Its a horrible level and deduce about the dots where to palce the boxes. Never heard about outer wilds will be check it

Same with me, i was unable to solve that level until i watch this


Thanks for the video. My daughter spent many hours to complete this level, but unfortunately can’t. She cried a lot i hope she’ll become happy after watching it :slight_smile:

I and my brother spent days on that level and we couldn’t get pass it, that was some years ago. We dump the game and moved on afterward.