QFighter Game (Mangafighter/Qpang)

QFighter is an online multiplayer fast paced third-person shooter with an anime / manga feel to it. Players will join other combatants in a 3D manga-style world, with multiple modes of combat and a variety of character customization options. Players can choose from and switch between the six characters at any time. Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses. QFighter is a private server for a game called QPang, also known as MangaFighter , popular in the Netherlands from around 2008 until it unfortunately had fully shutdown in 2013. You are a only few steps away from enjoying QPang / MangaFighter again and reliving the good old times from back in the day. Keep an eye out for the various events in which you can win crazy weapons and/or mesmerizing costumes!

We will notify players about the events on our Discord server so make sure to join if you have not already!

Register at https://qfighter.eu/account/register

Join the QFighter discord https://discord.com/invite/NyTcm25Ups

The Game:

Awesome work guys, nice to see you are also making progress on the qpang-essence-emulator from Dennis & Deluze!

I am also developing my own private server based on their work, for those who are interested in all the technical aspects of private servers and game development you should check out our blog at https://blog.animeshooter.com/

And of course, those who are interested in the game itself may want to have a look at https://animeshooter.com.

Not only do we host and develop game servers, but we also stimulate a modding of the game client. therefore we welcome everyone to join our discord community channel and mod the game as they wish! https://discord.gg/dB6bpUedHm

This game look good, may i know the size of game

It’s a pretty old game that uses a max of 2GB on disk.

Old One ?, I never heard about this game i did some research but founds nothing. Also since when the old game uses the 2GB of rams ?

The original game was called Manga Fighters in Korea but was then rebranded as Qpang for the USA, The Netherlands, and Germany. The Qpang version of the game was the longest-lasting one.

Thanks for correcting me, but i again google it and for me its just like an ordinary game are you sure it eats 2GB of rams ?