Relaxing games to play

What are some games you play to relax? Maybe it’s a game that you use to forget about your day at work. Or maybe it’s to take a break from all the school work you have accumulated over the week. Name some of your favorite games to play when you just want to relax.
For me, I would have to say these games have helped me relax Tropico 6, and Tetris

I think the most relaxing games I have played include Sims, Roller Coaster Tycoon, and Minecraft. They can be played the way you want and you can make them be very easy and carefree which I always enjoyed about titles like this. I also really enjoy Stardew Valley but because that game has a timer, you are kind of forced to rush at times which is not very relaxing.

For me is Sims 2 and minecraft.

Excellent question. I think the most relaxing one I enjoy playing would be a simple board game, Chess. I love the strategic element and when competing, I really do find myself in the “Zone” and it takes my mind of everything else happening around me.

For me Stardew valley is a great relaxing games it has great reviews too. We can do farming, fishing and building things.

The long Dark. Its a survival game and best relaxing game ever i played. It has great style with amazing sound design.

There is a game called , 3-d Bowling in the AppStore , it is really fun to play. It gives you a bowling alley experience on bed.

For me its rb6 and rd2.

Football manager and football tycoon