rise of kingdoms

Are there someone play rok like a city building game like me?[ATTACH type=“full”]441[/ATTACH]

Today I login
food,wood,stone everything 1000k→2k
And I found a mail: Don’t farm on our territory:)
terrible day.:poop:

Yeh i saw their ad and then quite, the reason was , the ad wasn’t like the actual game. The ad were fake it was just to promote their game.


I never played this game, but sounds like a fun game, right?

This game is fun as long as you don’t get angry when someone attacks you~

There are people from different kingdoms, people from different countries, people from different languages, and what people here have in common is that they all play ROK. Join our discord server, let’s talk about ROK or any daily lives

We’ll always be here waiting for you~

[ATTACH type=“full”]466[/ATTACH]
I have no inspiration recently…
Any other good ideas?