Rocket League

Does anyone still play Rocket League? I love playing this game and it’s fun playing against other people. If you want to play (PS4) just let me know. It’s very addictive :smiley:

I bought this game without knowing anything, one of my friend suggest me to get it. Me and my brother found it a great game and we played like insane all occasion, disconnected against bots, without doing any instructional exercise and whiffing most of time

Can I use third party mods in rocket league?

Sure you can use mods. I suggest you to try bakkesmod which is good for train. You can get all the mods from RLGarage

Playing rocket league with my son!
Weekend fun

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My first time of seeing or hearing about it, the only game I enjoy playing with my brother is blur. I think rocket league will be a great substitute.