role models

who’s someone you look up to as a role model?

Mother Theresa , what a noble lady she was.

Keanu Reeves , his personality is what I’d like to have too.

My parents are my top role models. Even though they aren’t perfect like no one is they are very loving and put each other and their family first before anything. That’s how it should be!

Bill Gates remains one of the people i look up to. The other is Obama.

Selecting a role model is not happen in the spur of the moment , it comes after a long duration of following , idolIzing somebody. My role model is Nelson Mandela , need I to say how great was he?

My role model goes to feka kuti, he is an Africa musician, that helps to fight bad government for his people. Also like Nelson Mandela.

I would love to be like Tom cruise, I really like his attitude.

Yeah, I think bill gates is someone I look up too also, but am not a fan of Obama due to some personal reasons

My role model? It has to be Jack Ma , what an inspiring personality he is.