Scary movies for Halloween?

Halloween is just two weeks away so I figured lets have a thread to list the perfect scary movies to watch for Halloween. What scary movies do you recommend?

Am a fan of horror movies, I recommend you check out:
[]Hubie Halloween.
]The House at the end of the street
[]A Haunted house
Watch them in that order, thank me later :slight_smile:

This is a good list. Am gonna look for them. Hope they are on Netflix!

Sure, most of them are on Netflix. Plus you can also get a bunch of related movies on Netflix suggestions. They are nice watch, i highly recommend.

IT Chapter II , you might want to see it to get chills.

Us (2019)
Get Out (2017)
A Quiet Place (2018)

One of my favorite movies for Halloween is The Purge. I love all The Purge film series, but you must watch them understand the storyline fully. It’s definitely scary to watch and feel real while keeping the viewer on the edge of the seat!

Have watched us (2019) and also get out (2017) but will check out A quiet place (2018), I hope it will meet my expectation.

The first part of the Conjuring doesn’t need any occasion to more scarier than it is.