Sega Is Officially Ending Its Arcade Center Business

If you’ve been paying attention to Sega for the last couple of years, then you likely know that it has been slowly shuttering its massive Japan-based arcade centers. Now, Sega has announced that it is leaving the business of arcades entirely, ending a 50-year era defined by claw machines, fighters, and more.

This news comes by way of Destructoid , which translated a statement released by Sega this morning. In it, the company reveals that it intends to sell the remaining 14.9% of shares it holds within its arcade division to another company named Genda Inc., which Destructoid reports is the same company that Sega has been selling its arcade centers to over the last few years.

“Sega stores across the country will be switching their store names to GiGO, to express our gratitude for Sega’s 56 years of history and our desire to be an oasis that quenches people’s thirst for real entertainment,” Genda chairman Hisashi Kataoka said in regards to the news. “We will start with Ikebukuro, Akihabara, and Shinjuku. Then to the whole country.”

The Sega branding on standing arcade centers will begin to be replaced by GiGO Entertainment branding. While Sega is leaving the business of owning and running arcade centers, don’t expect to see Sega arcade machines disappear. Destructoid reports that Sega still intends to produce arcade machines for worldwide distribution – you just won’t see them inside a large building with a massive Sega sign on it anymore.

Of course, Sega is still in the business of making games, too, and this year, we’re expecting a new game starring everyone’s favorite blue blur in Sonic Frontiersfor.

[Source: Destructoid]

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Till today, SEGA still have a huge spot in my heart being that it’s among the first consoles that I ever purchased with my money.

I can still remember some of the good games that I really enjoyed playing on Sega. Games like Contra, The Punisher, Mario, MK, WWF.

Have anyone ever considered the possibility of of Nintendo purchasing SEGA? It’s something that I likely see to happen since they have had good relationship with some games in the past.

Personally, I don’t really think that Sega would be willing to sell at least not now, just like Konami wouldn’t be open to selling their rights now.

Some arcade company is def going to pick their slack up, I know in asia arcades are all over the place and very very popular!