September PC game releases

September PC game releases
September 1—Crusader Kings 3 - Medieval empire strategy
September 1—Iron Harvest - Alternate history Mech RTS
September 3—Spellbreak - Battlemage battle royale
September 4—Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 - Alt rock jukebox
September 4—Marvel’s Avengers - Super hero action
September 4 —NBA 2K21 - B-ballin in 2020
September 8—Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning - Remastered RPG gem
September 8—Star Renegades - Rogue-lite strategy RPG
September 17—Welcome to Elk - Surreal comedy and drama adventure game
September 18—Crysis Remastered - Playable benchmark test
September 22—Halo: ODST (Master Chief Collection) - FPS side story
September 22—Pendragon - Arthurian strategy
September 23—Art of Rally - Stylish racing simulation
September 24—Serious Sam 4 - Bombastic FPS sequel
September 25—Mafia: Definitive Edition - Prohibition-era GTA
September 29—Spelunky 2 - Long-awaited roguelike sequel
September 30—Baldur’s Gate 3 - D&D-based RPG

Nice list. Thanks for share. I recently bought a new gaming PC and digging for new games. This list help me a lot to find out more games

Oh dear i think September will be the busy month for every gamers. By the way for me “Spelunky 2 - Long-awaited roguelike sequel”

Nice list. I’d like to try all of these. Can you list some more pc games ? which gonna released in October ?