Share your wisdom

All gamers are super unique and quirky with the games they like to play and share with everyone.
Which ones would you recommend to someone who doesn’t play much?
Which is your favorite genre of gaming and why?
I find this particular time to be great for exploring new games that are out of my comfort zone as well as to stay connected with the world ( throw some multiplayer at me please)

I agree with you, and I am not playing that much also. I tried multiplayer games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, Torque Drift, Hired Ops, OldSchool RuneScape, Counter-Strike… All these games are interesting to play and more importantly free :slight_smile: What do you play right now?

I’ve been sticking to story games, God Of War, Persona 5, reliving some old games (FF series and RE) was checking the games coming out this year or any open betas. So far a few of the big names are coming out this year that I am looking forward to, RE village, GoW Ragnarok, Kena bridge of spirits, and Skydome waiting for a key for this one, doesn’t show much gameplay yet unless you speak Portuguese :smiley: but it seems like it’s being translated and its strategy with some TD elements and its multi maybe it will show me how it is to play with people again XD