Shower or bath?

Do you like taking showers or baths better or both? Once in awhile I’ll enjoy relaxing in the bath and read a book but most of the time I prefer showers as they are faster.

I honestly don’t know how to differentiate between showering and bathing. Showering daily is a necessity in my opinion.

Showering because time is money.

Showering is easy especially when you have all in one shower gel.

Well, I don’t have a bathtub, so a shower is my only option!

Showers for me. They’re faster, and there is no waiting time, unlike a bath, where you have to wait for the water to fill. Showers are significantly cheaper than, too, so it’s more cost-efficient in the longer run.

True, there is a very small difference between the two. Most people use them interchangeably when talking.

Sure, they are almost the same. But shower, to me, i consider it the to be the flow of water from an overhead system in showers, just like the name suggests. Bath sound like sitting on a "bath"tub! seems to have some slight difference.

I prefer show, because i shave under the shower . We can not use bath for it. So i spend less on razor blade and let water wash my skins under the shower. Bath can be used only for relaxing and with a book

:):slight_smile: That is funny! I had not thought of it that way. Honestly, you cannot shave on a bathtub! Actually it can be gross with all the hair floating on water :slight_smile:

Well if you’re in hurry then of course , bath is when you’re free enough to relax to yourself.

Showering if in hurry but sometimes bath to relax.

Its’ depends on my mood and the situation. Whenever i have a stress or depress day i take baths and feel relax, and whenever i want to go somewhere like office or in a date i take shower

Shower is much better for me. I prefer it because it is fast.

Since am not in an hurry, j believe taking a bsthr and showering after will be

I prefer shower too majorly because it is more faster than bath and also less stressful than bath.

I prefer bath than shower . The only benefit (to baths) is its ability to easily apply certain ingredients to skin.