Single player or Multi player games?

Between single player games and Multi player games what’s your preference and the reason behind your choice?

I have my peace when I play single player mode games than what I get from Multi player games.

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Multiplayer is similar to sports or a chess game. Knowing the sandbox inside and out, playing the game with the same ruleset multiple times to improve itself, and beating others in order to be the best. The thrill of competing and winning.

A single player can be compared to a variety of things. Reading a book or watching a movie for the story, atmosphere, and exploration. Completing new and varied challenges and puzzles to persuade yourself of your abilities. Also important is the completion aspect, which includes marking tasks as completed and progressing toward a goal. All of these features are uncommon in a multiplayer game.

Personally, I only play single player, while the majority of my best friends only play multiplayer. Many people enjoy both on different days, depending on their mood.

Personally, I don’t have any problems playing both of the games but if I feel too attacked by multi player games, I rather switch back to my single player mode.