Do you use a slow cooker when you cook? I love using mine you can make basically anything in it. I always make lots to have leftovers in the coming days.

Of course, but only for some meals. And I’m not using it a lot. I want my meal to be done fast!

Slowcooker meals take a lot of time but they are delicious. I don’t have a slowcooker so maybe I will buy one someday.

Well , my mom has a variety of cookers , but I am not sure which one is slow or is not.

I am familiar with pans but cookers.

I’ve a pressure cooker as well , also few pans and saucepans.

No, I don’t own a slow cooker. However, I’m reading many positive reviews, so I will be looking to get one shortly. But for now, I will result in pans, saucepans, and microwaves for cooking.

No, I don’t have one and am not planning to get one, I love my food to be ready as fast as possible.