It snowed here last night! This makes me curious, does it snow where you live? Here it can snow year round if it wants in Canada but it usually snows between September and May.

It must be a nice scene. I live near the equator, so snow is something I will never see! Only see on TV :slight_smile:

I enjoy snow a lot. I enjoy using snowballs to fight with my naughty siblings.

Snow is good.

Snow is annoying for me , since it’s not enjoyable to clean your windshields every morning.

We used to get 3-5cm of snow, and schools closed, as a result, many years ago. These days were the best. Sliding down a hill and building snowmen is really fun. I can’t say for sure if it’s to do with Climate Change, but for the last few years, we haven’t had any in the South of England!

That sound calming. How is the weather there now? Still snowing?

Ohh…sure, that can be a mess and hard to clean. But it’s fun also watching the snowfall i guess. Hoping to see one soon.

I live in a cold place and we get a lot of snow. Usually we get snow starting in November, but sometimes is drops in October. This year it came down in October quite a bit. I’m hoping it slows down though, I don’t want more snow.

Here in Pasadena , it last snowed on 1949. I guess it answered the question. We generally have hot to moderate weather.

I still love to play in the snow given that I am in my mid 20’s now , yet it’s fun to make those snowmen.