Soldered RAM in Apple Devices

Apple has been restricting people from adding their own RAM for some years. And with new devices which has the M1 chips, the new devices wont be allowing any upgrade at all. I personally think this is pretty bad decision on the apples part considering the RAM is soldered and limits the right of the people.

How do you think about the soldered RAM in apple devices?

I don’t use Apple devices outside of my iPod which is 16 years old at this point. Still works too! But as for the phones, they got people hooked. People buy the phone for show more than anything and they want to force people to keep buying them every year or every other year. I was a longtime Galaxy user but switched away from those. I now use Xiaomi and couldn’t be happier.

I assume that you are talking about Apple MacBook devices, so if yes then I have to say that I don’t like soldered ram either. I wanna be free to upgrade my laptop anytime and not giving me that option is freaking crazy.