Some Truck Simulators games

[HEADING=1][CENTER][CENTER]Types of Truck Simulators
[SIZE=4]Become the king of the road with this popular truck simulator. It has 11 impressive next-generation trucks you can drive across Europe. Start operating your own business and watch it grow as you complete freight deliveries. The 60+ challenging levels feature incredible scenarios, a realistic traffic system, highway toll roads, vivid sound effects, and more than 250 radio stations. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]This truck simulator will help you get ready to become a real trucker. It features 12 European trucks with detailed interiors, an enhanced AI traffic system, and remarkable engine sounds. The settings include both day and night and the weather conditions are realistic. The vehicle simulation game has more than 20 real-life cities. You can visit exciting places such as Prague, Berlin, Madrid, and Paris. You can also assess the damage on your trucks. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]This is a game-type truck simulator where you are given a truck and you get your assignment. You must deliver the goods on time without problems to the destination and you get your reward in “experience points” and the game’s currency. Modify the truck to your specifications for better performance and even get a new truck to enhance your chances of being a better trucker. On your journeys, you must change tires and fuel up, even changing engines if necessary. You must stay alert during the journeys and obey traffic laws while avoiding accidents.[/SIZE][/HEADING]

[SIZE=4]This truck simulator offers an unparalleled driving experience and is perfect for both young and old drivers because it doesn’t have an age limit. It has realistic missions, easy controls, and HD graphics. To complete a mission, you must drive across the European outback and deliver goods to a specific location. Run your business successfully, make money, and purchase new trucks and semi trailers. [/SIZE][/HEADING]

[SIZE=4]Have you always wanted to be a truck driver but for some reason you couldn’t? Well, here’s your chance. Clear the complicated levels as you transport cargo and avoid numerous obstacles. Get stuck in mud and drive on steep slopes, mountains, and forests with a powerful, off-road truck. You’ll also enjoy listening to the truck simulator tell a story about a father and son driving a truck in extreme conditions.

You will like these games. You can tell me about your [/SIZE][/B][B][SIZE=4]favorite game[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=4]. Next time I will talk about game related problems[/SIZE]

Seems cool @adoro
what version of the truck simulator do you play?

Looks a good game looking from description . Will try it if I get a chance.

Truck simulator games were always fun to play , I used to play Euro Truck Simulator 2 , with maximum graphics.