Someone please recommend what i should watch after Naruto

I have just finished watching episode 167 of Boruto. And am still wondering what next! Can someone please recommend something that has the same thrill as Naruto?

Consider watching the Rising of the Shield Hero. Just started it last week, and i like it. Not exactly like Naruto, but it’s equally thrilling.

Great, i will check it out ASAP. Thanks for the recommendation. I wouldn’t wan to start watching something that is low key.

Try with Assassination Classroom, a Japanese science fiction comedy manga series.

:white_check_mark::white_check_mark: Just added that to my Watch list. Will check it out. Thanks.

One of my friends recommendm me to watch “Devil is a part Timer”. I watched and really enjoyed that. I bought the DVD from the store and complete it in one night. He recommend me " Akame ga Kill" too.
You can watch both animes they’re pretty good with action stories

I really enjoyed Samurai Champloo. It’s fairly short, spanning only one season. The artwork is gorgeous, the characters have nice development, and the most important that stories are very interesting.

Altogether, it is one of my top anime series.

The Fate series has very well animated fight scene. This animes series is worth to watch in free time

There are plenty of good options out there for you. Here are some of my suggestions:

Black Clover (story revolves around mage kingdoms)

Bleach Anime

One Punch Man

I think samurai Jack will be my recommendation…I could remember watching it back in 2016

You can watch Dragon Ball Z , otherwise Coyboy BPop is an option as well.

Well, there’s tons of animes you can chose any one. I recently finished the first season of One Punch Man and that’s what i am going to recommend you to watch