Sonic Vs. Mario: Who’s the best mascot?

Mario & Sonic are two widely known characters. Some will remember them when they were on different sides. SEGA against Nintendo. It was a battle that Nintendo inevitably won. And today, SEGA now produces games, some great, some not so great. But that’s not what this topic is about. It’s about the two characters at the forefront of the console race back then. Who is the best of the two? Vote in our poll on who you consider being the best.

I just like both Mario & Sonic. They are legendary characters :slight_smile:

They are both good but I think Mario is better.

Mario is my favorite character so far!!

3D Mario games are conservative, it has changed their style in the past. I played Super Mario Sunshine and assume that its differently from Super Mario 3D world.

Sonic just managed consistency in the past. Their all series has same exact felling. i played Sonic 2, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Rivals 2 and there’s nothing special on them.

Mario doesn’t really need to do something its still very well, while Sonic games has to change their style

Mario hands down. Sonic just hasn’t had the consistent good history Mario has had. Sonic has also gone through design changes over the years, Mario for the most part, has stayed mostly the same.

I just think Sonic has a poor history when it comes to a lot of the games that feature him. Mario has some bad games, but not on the level of Sonic, at least in my opinion.

Oh the two, Mario wins hands down but for me, personally… I think someone else ended up going the distance and is really popular with all age groups. That being Pikachu. That little yellow rodent is loved by boys, girls, men, women, and everything in between. It amazes me how much love he gets.

I like Sonic more than Mario .

It’s just that I have more memories containing Sonic The Hedgehog than Mario.

I never knew sonic was on sega but mario have been my all time favourite and will always be, I just love his character.