Sony announces release date for PS5

From Google:
'Share All sharing options for: The PS5 will launch on November 12th for $499.99. Sony has announced that the PlayStation 5 will cost $499.99 when it launches on November 12th, alongside the $399.99 Digital Edition. Preorders will begin on September 17th at “select retailers.”

Anyone going to pre order? The digital only console is $399 that’s not too bad of a price.

i’ll go with digital edition

Same it’s cheaper that is the main reason why. The only thing with the digital version is how much ram and GB will it have to hold games?

Not bad pricing, and a good release date. The new Xbox is coming November 10th and the PS5 drops just two days later. It’s going to be a crazy week when both consoles release.

I can’t wait for the new PlayStation. I heard all the will run on 8K with high resolution. Its bit expensive for me since i am just a student and doing part time job for my expenses. Thinking to sell my PlayStation 4 so i can buy it

They’re also announce Virtual Reality Glasses too.

Its seem so real and the perfect VR i was hoping for. I was telling everyone about VR that how cool it would be. I hope sony watch this video and give official announce. Can’t wait for the release