SSD or Hard Disk

I have both of them on my laptop. And the thing is that SSD and Hard Disk both can be pretty good option for the laptop or computers. I mostly prefer the laptop with such combination. I think it’s good enough for my needs. In near future I may go for the complete SSD based setup in near future.

Which one of the SSD or Hard disk do you prefer?

I am using an SSD disk for the system, and the regular one for the games. All my games are stored on a regular disk. I’m ok with this combination.

I have noticed the boot speed increased with the SSD. And also the HDD and SSD speed performance is definitely noticeable. I’d say that for those who want to make use of the SSD for games and the applications they would be definitely benefitting from the boost of performance.

I prefer SSD, it increases your pc performance to a great extent. The game doesn’t lag and the boot process is much faster as compared to simple hard drive.