Steam's game of the year award.

As we are well aware that Red Dead Redemption II won the game of the year award by stream. What aspects do you think were of they game excellent enough?

I didn’t bother playing it. I heard the story was great but the online end was just awful and broken. Now they have it set up in such a way that puts me off entirely. I likely would have played it had I gotten it early on and didn’t pay attention to the online end of the game but I saw too many bad things to make me want to give Rockstar my money.

You’ll be surprise but i’ve never Played RDR 2 game. I think Amnesia Rebirth should awarded since its went into my favorite story category. This game is amazing and love the way how Terraria get labor of love

I am wonder why’d Marvel Avengers not win the award. I believe this game is more better than Red Dead Redemption II

I was going to get RDR Online just for fun but I read/heard they basically gave up on it and it isn’t even worth buying for $5 when they had that deal running. Such a shame. I played the story at a friend’s and loved it though.

Red Dead Redemption II deserve the Steam’s award but Witcher 3 should be in nomination list