Street Fighter

In past I used to play the street fighter game on the console. And later the game was not much fun for me. But I started playing the ported version on the PC. I loved playing the updated editions of the game too. But the current modern version of the game is not as fun as it was during the console. I think that is one reason I continue to play using the emulator too.

Do you still play Street Fighter?

Street Fighter and Tekken were the foundation for all the fighting games I must say. I’ve played both of these games on console and PC. Enjoyed them on both of the mediums.

Am not really in to fighting games like that, i prefer soccer, i played street fighter a couple of times back then but not anymore.

Street fighter wasn’t as fun as mortal Kombat, maybe on mobile phones but the movie was quite interesting back then which led to the game being popular but wasn’t that interesting. I finished the game in less than an hour on my phone back in 2008