Super Mario Bros 3 or Super Mario World?

I want to say both, but 3 has set such a high standard. World gets close but falls short, yet it is still a great Mario game. World featured the best final boss battle with Bowser, complete with a fantastic rock theme.

  • Like both equally
  • World
  • 3

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Super Mario Bros 3 was one of my first video games, and I really loved it. It was entertaining and included excellent music and power-ups; I can’t choose a favorite. Also, the colors in Super Mario Bros 3 were fantastic.

Both of these games are still the two best 2D Mario games. They may even be the two best overall, and they are still amazing games to play decades later. Super Mario World feels just a bit fresher in some ways, but there is also no denying how good Super Mario Bros. 3 is as well.

I have played the games for a while now and I must confess that it’s something that’s intriguing which I can easily recommend to anyone.