Super NES Classic
This looks pretty cool. I think it’s been out for awhile already but you can play all your old favorite SNES games on this mini classic console. It has 21 pre loaded games on it already.
Would you ever get something like this?

The SNES classic came out 3 years ago. I purchased one a year or so ago, and absolutely love it. It’s a cute little device. I just put it up on display, I don’t actually use it anymore. I used it for the first weekend I got it and a few times after, but it’s been relegated to the shelf.

Were you able to save your progress while playing games on it? I hear that these SNES classic consoles you can’t save games while playing which sucks. I want to be able to save a game so that way I don’t have to start from the beginning each time.

I like these kind of devices where they already have so many games on it for you. I hear it takes awhile sometimes to browse through all the games but its cool.

It’s not half that bad to get a SNES classic if your into retro games but the cartridges actually are fairly expensive. They do however have NES and SNES games you can play for free on Nintendo Switch if you have nintendo online.

How much do the cartridges usually sell for? For sure if someone is really into retro games these kind of consoles are a good idea to have.