Team Behind Custom Black PS5 Cancels All Orders After Receiving Threats

I didn’t know this, but recently someone started a website offering to sell an all black custom PS5, and some people put in pre-orders in for this console. Thing is, this is not affiliated with Sony in any way. The people behind this, have since cancelled it all, and have been offering full refunds of their orders. They claimed the reason for stopping this, was because of credible threats to their lives. I believe it was probably Sony forcing them to stop production/sale of any custom made consoles. It was most likely just a scam.

You can read more about this here - Twisted Voxel

I saw the news on this. They were being called scammers and people started actually sending them death threats over it. At least they refunded everyone. Sony needs to just come out with a black model next year or 2022.