The game which disappointed you the most?

Games can be fun definitely but at times they disappoint us or do not reach to the height of our expectations. I didn’t like Max Payne 3 frankly. Now which game disappointed you the most?

I’m disappointed with the FIFA 20. The previous versions have more management features then the new ones.

I was disappointed with Cities:Skyline game. I thought it would be more like Sim city. In a way it kind of is but it’s definitely different. It might be okay if your not expecting it to be like Sim City.

DK Racing for me was a rip off. It seemed like they were definitely trying to rip off Mario Kart. Mario Kart is the best type of those racing games. No one should mess with it :slight_smile:

Games these days don’t really disappoint me. I don’t think there’s been a game to disappoint me since the Xbox 360. I actually think there isn’t much disappointment at all when it comes to that. Only because of how well games are developed so well these days that it’s no surprise even if a game doesn’t live up to your expectations that it’s still fun.

I felt disappointed when I finished warefare cod, I thought there will be more to the story. Like a syndicate or something more, you know what I mean.