The PS4 has sold the most games in history

Pretty awesome news for Sony and their PS4, as it surpassed the PS2’s total game sales to take the top spot. The PS2 sold 1.537 billion and the PS4 has 1.577 billion copies sold. Pretty impressive, and there’s still a big chance that will just continue to go up.

For me, PS4 is still the best console. Let’s see how much PS5 will sell in the coming years.

The PS4 was and still is a great console but I have a special place in my heart still for the PS4. It is nuts though that they have sold this many but I am not really that surprised when you think of the quality and the popularity of the console around the world.

In terms of digital sales, during the fiscal year of 2020, 601,000 games were sold on the PlayStation Store every day! PS4 is still my favorite.

The PS45 is gonna sell it more for sure ?