The Sims - favorite game?

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Whats your favorite Sims game? This series is a whole lot of fun and each game keeps getting better and better.
What do you enjoy doing the most in the Sims game?

Sadly I haven’t played many of the sims games. If you count the Sim City games, I played Sim City 2000 in school a lot. We had copies on each computer and were allowed to play in computer class when we were finished with work. It was what I looked forward to the most. I got Sim City 3000 for one of my birthdays and played that like crazy.

I only played The Sims 3 to get back to the subject at hand. Didn’t play it too long though. I had a lot of fun with it when I did play though.

I always wanted to get into these games but never have! I have a friend who is very into these games and she talks about it alot. They do look like quite fun but it’s not on my top list of games to play at the moment.

Sims 4
I love the delightful way a wide range of mods and custom substance there is. What’s more, how easily I can adjust the ones I need. I love the wonderful way I can have totally various games contingent upon my state of mind.

I only played the 2, I have to say that it’s a pretty addictive and complex game.

I enjoyed Sims 4 a lot as compared to other ones .

I loved fishing and sleeping in other Sims houses. Lol