Thoughts on the direction of DBS?

I don’t know if anyone else here follows the Dragon Ball Super manga but I have got to say, without giving out any spoilers, what Goku recently did just got under my skin. The dude is always doing the same things over and over again and doesn’t seem to realize he puts everyone else at risk. Super annoying. I feel like they are just falling into the same loop they were in throughout Super with Moro now. I loved DBZ but Super, not so much.

I am agree, the manga series are now annoying. I stopped reading/buying it, instead i watch animes. You should move to the animes series they’re much interested than other

I started with the anime. I was watching it back in 1998. I prefer the anime but I like to watch and read so I can see what they changed. The anime tends to be more “kid-friendly”.

I mostly think that the way they have created a lot of tangent stories. It does not sound like a good progress though they do have their own share of the up and down type of the content. But I think for anime it is good option but not for the manga I suppose.