Time limits for gaming

It’s wise for parents to set a time limit for their children when they play video games but many adults do not do this for themselves. Do you think its wise to give yourself a time limit while playing a game? Do you already do this?

I completely agree with this. We all have to set limits for ourselves. I’m doing it all the time, it’s not good to play 6 hours in a row. That’s my opinion!

Same I can never spend more than an hour and a half tops playing a game. Too much work to do. It sucks growing up lol.

I really need to do this. I can go five hours straight when I’m playing a game especially a game that I’m really hooked on.

Yes, it’s obligatory for the parents to fix gaming times of their kids.

In order not to spoil or avoid unnecessary demands from your kids , better fix times for playing games.

I play a maximum of three hours a day , which is a lot in my opinion.

I think that we should set the time limit while playing games. I am playing only 2 hours per day, but only in the evening.

Playing games should be set as a reward after you finish your important work.

Excess of anything wouldn’t be right , ergo playing more than 2 to 3 hours a day is not right for the mental health and physical health as well. Also , it reduces the time you’re spending with your family.

Be it adult or the kids. I think having some sort of the time limit definitely helps. You can see that by not spending a lot of time on the computer, you tend to make things easier for yourself. So less time gaming and more time movement is good for kids and adult too.

I believe there should be a time limit for everything you do in life, not only for playing games cos gamers do time themself and staying too long in front of the TV set, can be harmful.

My parents only allow me to play games after completing my school homework. My dad always hide my console whenever i skip my homework. Otherwise i don’t have any time limit