Too many games?

Do you find you have way too many games and not enough time to play them all? I sure do.

Yep I have games that are in my digital store purchase just sitting in my games library waiting to be played. Some I may never play.

It happens but what I do then is that I manage my time accordingly.

It happens at times , but you can download it after completing one game first.

Whenever I get done with one game , only then do I get another one,

Yes, absolutely right. I have to many games but have no time to play them anymore.

Happens sometime when I get busy will other stuff and no time for games .

Yes, especially when playing on PC. I have like 10 games installed. You get bored quickly and switch to the other. I rarely move to advanced levels.

Of course, I have a backlog of games since I’ve become an adult. I started to collect games I always wanted. And even for a lot of those, I’ve never played them. But that’s the life of a gamer. When games get so cheap at points, it’s easy to build up that backlog of games. My steam alone is another problem.

I’m in a similar situation as you are, your not the only gamer experiencing a backlog. Mine is massive, purely because I haven’t got enough time to play them all. One at a time, and slowly but surely, I’m getting through the list of unplayed games.

I don’t have time for anything any more, I just have 2 hours to play any game from my PC. That’s just the way it has been since I am grown-up.