Ultra-wide or dual monitor setup?

I am going to upgrade but I am not sure if I want to get a second monitor or just go with an ultra-wide instead. I have never played on an ultra-wide but I have also never used dual monitors. Since I work from home now, I figured one or the other would be useful. Since I enjoy gaming on my PC as well, both would be beneficial for that.

I am just not sure which would be better. Thoughts?

I’ve never used a ultra-wide but I do have a dual-monitor setup. Personally, I’d never replace 2 screens with just 1 wide one - if youre playing a game and need to use a walkthrough or video you can have your game full screen on 1 monitor, with the video/guide open on the other. With an Ultrawide, you would have to keep minimizing the game to check.

I think wide screen are good when you are editing the videos and the gaming. You need multiple monitors not for gaming but for documents and other muti screen setup. I think people can use what they can and it’s often depending on their use that varies every now and then.

depends on ur work.
i prefer a ultrawide for the aesthetics

If you’re the type of person to multitask a lot, then dual monitors all the way. If it’s just purely for gaming purposes though, then an ultrawide is the best way to go. It also depends on the type of games that you play. Shooters and battle royale games such as Fortnite and COD Warzone are perfect for ultra wides.

I’d love to have an ultrawide panel screen, but I can’t afford that yet. I currently have a two monitor setup that I’m happy with. I’m hoping to actually add a 3rd monitor at some point.