Uncharted series Vs The Last Of Us series

Which game series from Naughty Dog do you prefer the most? Do you prefer the Uncharted games? Or the The Last Of Us 1 and 2? Uncharted sprawls 4 games. Personally I like each game in both series, but if I had to pick just one of the series, I’d say Uncharted. I think it’s more re-playable than TLOU and I enjoy the characters more. Of course, I still like The Last of Us.

What about you?

As much as I like the uncharted series, I couldn’t stand the first couple games shooting/cover mechanics. So I’m sticking with The Last of Us. I just prefer the horrific atmosphere, the story, the characters, everything about these games is perfect to me.

I haven’t played the other series but Uncharted series was phenomenal.

Uncharted for sure, Last of us 1 was great and I believe they should have ended it with that

I’ll go with the flow, Uncharted all the way.

Uncharted is kind of more adventurous, am not saying the last of us ain’t interesting but I think everyone will agree with me that uncharted have this greatness in it, like the story line is great.