USB mic or a more pro mic?

When it comes to podcasts and streaming, is it best to use a good quality mic? Or could I get quality out of a USB mic? I ask because a friend of mine has a USB mic from Fifine and he says it works wonders, but it’s not for everyone.

I want something that is cheaper, but can actually produce good sound. Do you have any suggestions for a budget of around $50-$100 or so?

If you are just starting out, just for with a budget-friendly UBS mic if you have to. Most people that start out don’t start out with the best equipment. So long as people can hear you just fine, that is all that matters. There are some gaming headsets that have good enough mics for this as well like Razer’s Kraken X series.

I prefer the USB MIC as the performance of that is pretty good. And also the amount of efforts you have to take for the audio recording. I think Yeti USB devices are lot better in my opinion. You may definitely find some value in it.