Valorant vs CSGO

What do you think which one is better?
Valorant is a pretty good competition to CSGO in my opinion, but I think that most players like then Valorant. Can you guys compare these two games?

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Both are enjoyable and you shoul try them . CSGO is about 10 year old game but new game release in the future which make a huge resurgence

Yes CSGO is older game and Valorant is CSGO on steroids in my opinion.

I’m going to CSGO because it’s been really a very good game since its release. Valorant is a promising game but CSGO is better to me.

My brother is playing it (csgo) all the time, and I can’t stand it anymore :slight_smile: just kidding, yes csgo is much more better. Why? I have no idea, that is what my brother says just now :slight_smile:

I have played CSGO for a while now and I think it’s an okay game but I need something different and new to play now which is why I’m going to pick Valorant.

So, I played Valorant today at one of my friend’s place and it’s actually that good. I can’t believe that it’s something that I have missed out on for a while now.

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@Martinsx if you say it’s that good after having just played it once, then I’m going to get the game as well and try it out for myself.

Yeah, it’s something that I can recommend. I’m also equally getting it full time for myself since it’s worthy of my time.

What’s the thing that you really enjoy so much about the game? It’s gameplay or graphics? Which is more better?

As much as I love game’s graphics, the gameplay is very important for me because it’s the most thrilling aspect of the game. But the graphics must be good too.

It’s exactly the same thing with me because it’s the gameplay that’s going to get you hooked up with the game all the time with thrilling scenes.