Video Games Cheats

I have a question for you. Have you ever cheated in a game? What do you think about that?
I don’t like any kind of cheating!

I am cheating all the time in some games. I want more money in my Fifa20 so I have to cheat a little bit :slight_smile:

Yep especially in my younger days where games had a lot of cheat codes I would use it especially if I was stuck on a level. I don’t do it much anymore just if i want to have some fun with it!

Naw I try not to cheat I like to try to figure out the game myself. If I’m really stuck on a level maybe I will ask a friend how they beat it. Is that considered cheating?

I have cheated in games but not since I was 16. I did it from age 12-16. I modded my original xbox and had mods on it for Halo 2 when I was 12 years old and up to age 16 actually used hacks to lag peoples connections with something similar to a lag switch. But I haven’t done it since I was that age. I’m 30 now and I don’t believe cheating is fair at all.

I cheat in games all the time, but only in single player like if I want money or something. I never cheat in MMOs or other on-line type games.

i once cheated in minecraft a year ago. I used moded clinet and got banned for a months lol

CS 1.5 I utilized a hack instrument once to perceive how everything functioned. While it was cool to see precisely how aim hack, wall hack, worked.
After few rounds it got very dull. I delete it after assuming it taking my real skills

Cheater here, but only when I want more money :smiley:

I esp. enjoyed cheating in GTA San Andreas. I’d use fireproof, bulletproof, and explosion proof and just run around killing and driving cars. The only way I could die was from a fall. hehehe Very fun to get like 5 star police chasing me.

Of course, without it i can’t complete the single mission in GTA 5. This is so hard to play so i mostly active my cheats to play it

I know right. hehe

All right guys, I am cheating too, even if I said that I don’t…but only in the games :slight_smile: darling, you know that hehehe