Video gaming can benefit mental health, find Oxford academics

Well, it sounds like video games can help with your mental health, who would have thought! I love video games, and to be honest, it has helped me out through a lot of bad times in my life. It has provided me with comfort a lot of the time I was depressed, anxious, or sad. And according to The Guardian here video games may benefit people’s mental health, and help bring on more wellbeing. The study had people playing Animal Crossing, and Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, which many said it helped bring on greater “wellbeing” as they said.

Do you think video games can benefit your mental health? I truly think so.

Yeah, I saw this information on BBC News this morning. I have no doubt video gaming can positively impact mental well-being, but it’s like anything, everything in moderation. Too much of anything is bad for you!

Of course gaming can help a lot with stress and anxiety. Video games to me, have helped me with my day to day stress. Without it, I’d probably be lost more often, and probably would be even more stressed out. But yes, playing too much can be bad too though. I play a lot, but I will often take much needed breaks here and there.

I often play games whenever i fell stress and tired from my work. It release everything from me. Of course games are good for your health especially for your mental health

Thank you for bringing this up! I should tag and forward this to my parent. I tried to tell them how it has been helping me mentally, but they all thought am just looking for reasons to play some more! :slight_smile:

Yes, gaming can be helpful to kill time during rough days given that it’s the one side of story.

I think this research kind of gives assurance to many games who are into the trauma and using the video games as a way to escape their stress. And so this sort of the games are pretty good for those. I’d say that still there needs to be control on how much you are playing the games. As addiction can affect people a lot that is something I have noticed as well.

Well said, bro. I agree with you 100% we all have to control how much we are playing the games. Any addiction is not good for our mental health.

Well there are two ways to look at this , there can be benefits which there surely are , apart from that there can be some bad effects as well.

Of course, Its give constructive way to get anger and frustration out. But its hard to tell since its depends how to use it but for me t has helped immensely

Yes it can because video gaming are engaging and enjoyable which reduce stress and makes you feel good.