Virtual reality headset?

Does anyone have the virtual reality headset for the PS4? Is it worth it? I hear it’s not as good as the Oculus.
If you have it what are your thoughts on it? I’m thinking of getting it.

Following the post…

Sadly I do not. But I would love to get my hands on one. I still have yet to use a VR headset. It’s too much money for me at the moment, but maybe in the near future when prices go down I can give it a try.

I have the virtual reality headset for the PS4. It’s a lot of fun although yes the graphics for a lot of the games are not that great, which is understandable because virtual reality is still relatively new. It will only get better over time and it’s still fun to play.

I have the virtual reality headset too. It’s very fun but sometimes it can be annoying when the wire from the headset gets in the way. I always play VR table tennis on it.

I owned PlayStation VR for a while, but sold it as I kind of got bored with it. Idk, I feel like the selection of games on PS4 isn’t that good compared to Steam or the other VR headset team. I want to get myself an occulus rift or a vive. Either would be nice I think.

Yea the Oculus is way better especially for Steam. If you don’t mind that the PS4 VR is a bit behind in graphics wise and such then it’s still pretty fun.

The main awful part is that you need a PS camera and the camera probably won’t be included in the package, however i ordered a new camera

When I got my PS Virtual reality headset the camera was included in it so it should be included in your package.