We moved from AllGamersTalk.com to the AllGamers.Net

Dear Gamers,
first, we want to thank every one of you for supporting the forum! Now, let’s talk about the changes. As you can see we migrated to the AllGamers.Net domain name with the completely new and powerful forum software. We migrated all the users, topics, posts, etc. If some posts are lost, please forgive us. To login again, you have to reset your password.

We wanna keep this forum simple to use, with only essential features and a simple dark/light design.

The forum software is built on a fully responsive design that gracefully adapts to any display size and makes exploring AllGamersNet a pleasure on all devices.

You will automatically be given the option to install the ‘app’ on your device.
The precise details of the interface and the circumstances permitting installation can vary by browser. When browsing with Chrome on desktop or Android, the app can be installed via the address bar on both mobile and desktop devices. On supported mobile devices, we also display a conspicuous yet unobtrusive banner in the off-canvas menu.

Once the app is installed, it is readily available in exactly the same way as a native app. On mobile devices, that means it can be opened via an icon on the home screen. On desktop devices, it can be opened by searching your system or even pinning the app to your taskbar or dock.

Thank You,


Happy to see we’re slowly growing and moving to the next level of gaming.


I’m still here :slight_smile: hope the things are going to be better!


I was out of any kind of social medias for over a year :frowning: I’m glad the forum is still here :slight_smile:


What’s up, guys!! I was pretty busy with my work! Cheers!!


Wow, I’m impressed with this modern forum.

It’s been nice being able to take part in what goes on in the community. I’m very happy to be here and the forum looks great.