What actions do you take to ensure your data is protected and private?

In this day and age, I fear that most people don’t know anything about cybersecurity, privacy, and data farming. I think if they did understand it, a large portion of them wouldn’t be using sites and apps like Facebook and Twitter.

What do you do to ensure your data is protected and your information is being kept private?

Just stay away from Facebook, Twitter, and google. I don’t have any social media accounts. I have an android phone and I blocked a lot of tracking features. Stay safe!

You never know if the privacy of your data is being protected or no , it’s better not to share personal data on social media.

And what about which protections to use? Like browsers/VPN etc?

I’ve considered trying to use a VPN, but no matter what you do, your not 100% private, people who are tech savvy enough, could easily figure out how to get through a VPN to find your exact location. VPNs say they protect you, but in reality they don’t do a whole lot. They’re more like a tool to just change your location from the small time people who want to possibly swat you or try to expose your private details. It’ll be harder for them to do that, but it’s not impossible.

Basically, just be safe. Don’t go to any fishy sites, or sites you’re unaware of. And if you use a VPN, research them, and find the best one. Make sure to find one that’s more for privacy and is open source.

With Browsers, I’d recommend using the Brave browser, or DuckDuckGo. Both to my knowledge don’t allow any trackers through, same with ads. There are some other privacy themed browsers out there as well.