What anime did you start out on?

I think most of us remember our first anime. I think back and my taste in anime hasn’t even changed all that much. My first experience with it though was Pokemon, of all things. From there I started watching Dragon Ball Z and many of the other ones that aired on Cartoon Network’s anime block.

Do you remember what the first anime was that you watching?

I think that was samurai X

Ninja Scroll. It was incredible. It absolutely left an impression on me. I believe it was the reason I entered anime. It was so various from anything else I’d seen at the time.

Either Dragon Ball or Digimon, both are really too close for me to remember.

I used to watch Dragon ballz .

Recently got started with the Black Clover. And I love the anime. Not because it is intense type of anime. But the story and the characters from the black clover are pretty fun to watch.

I also started up with Pokémon, before I moved on to Naruto then bleach.

Outside of things like Pokemon that most kids watched, I think the first anime I went out of my way to watch was Azumangah Daioh back in like '08 or so.

Well , I started with Naruto , and I still enjoy it. Age is just a number.

I start watching Haiyore! Nyaruko-san clips on YouTube when it popped in the recommendation list. I kept the series in the back of my mind and finally start watching it