What antivirus do you use?

About me i use bitdefender total security from 3 years and it’s amazing i really recommend it (y)

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free work for me safe and easy to use

Kaspersky total internet security ? for almost 4 years

I have the same one ??

I usually just use Microsoft defender, and play it safe on the web otherwise. I don’t like using most other virus software, as it tends to install unwanted software or toolbars, and it annoys the hell out of me. So I stick with just defender.

norton from long time but make my pc little slow

Kaspersky is my favorite ?

Norton Antivirus is what I am using now.

Since I don’t download games from torrents ergo I don’t use no anti-virus.

For my system , I use Panda Antivirus.

I use Windows Security ( default for windows 10). You don’t need any premium version antivirus for windows 10. The Windows Security is enough. It is so powerful, i trust it more than proprietary antivirus. Gone are the days when pesky antivirus were a concern.

None. lol

I am on Linux so outside of privacy protection in my browser (VPN, uBlock, Random-User-Agent, etc.) I don’t need to worry about too much. I used to be on Windows and just got sick of always having to worry about viruses, updates, and them breaking privacy laws.

Kaspersky has been good to me. Although recently i don’t think it is doing much, i maintain it because of the VPN and cybersecurity. I rarely insert external gadgets on my laptop, thanks to the internet.

I have been using Malwarebytes, the premium edition, for nearly a year now. Renewal costs £29.99, and the payment is due in January. The Anti-virus has protected me against all unwanted viruses and malware; I would highly recommend this software.

Does the premium version come with some extra features or something? How would you compare it with free antivirus?

Of cause, premium software comes with some added features or functionalities. But today, even the in-built software like the windows defender has been found to be doing fine. The virus threats have since reduced. Most of the attacks are on stealing credit information and bank details. People don’t really care much about messing people like sometime back.

There are many added advantages to upgrading from free to paid. Are you using the free version and looking for advice? Well, here is a picture comparing the two subscriptions below. I hope this helps you decide:
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I only use Windows Defender because its free of cost and help to block all kind of virus. I don’t use other programs since they’re pirated and already know as malware.

Default Windows defender is more than enough. I don’t see any strong reasons to change the antivirus just yet. I may consider trying out the other antivirus just to see the difference in the speed. But so far you can see windows defender takes care of the viruses and you don’t have to do much stuff for the same if it works.

Am only use to Microsoft defender it self. It gives me notification should in case there is possibilities of the system getting virus.