What are your mind-blowing anime moments?

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They are what anime fans live off of. We would not be here if we had not come across one gem or another. They were the minutes that made us cry, that made us fall out of our seats in shock, that made us rapidly log onto an online forum due to the fact that we NEEDED TO speak with somebody about it, or those images we merely can’t eliminate from our heads.

What are your mind-blowing anime moments?

Bleach: Finding out Ichigo’s dad is a Shinigami.
Noir: Finding out that Kirika was the one who killed Mireille’s parents.
Madlax: Finding out that Madlax was a part of Margaret.
Scrapped Princess: The part when Pacifica Casul’s twin brother stabs her and then himself.
Hack Sign: Finding out that Tsubasa’s player was a female.

Off the top of my head, and it being the most iconic moment for me, was when Goku went Super Saiyan for the first time. I legit stood up from my sofa and was almost jumping up and down. It was that big of a deal to me. I was around 13 or so at the time so no surprise that would get me hyped but watching it years later, I still get just as excited.

I’ve a big list of great anime in my mind but Perfect Blue is more mind-blowing than any animes. It was my first Satoshi kom movie and the most intense psychological thrillers. The appearance of Ruri gives another meaning of scene.

For me when I learned about the Bleach’s juha bach. It reminded me of the spanish army invasion on other religions and how they wiped out other faiths to keep Christianity. It reminded me of that. It was kind of mind boggling.