What are your thoughts on Death Stranding?

I played Death Stranding for a few hours, but I didn’t ever come back to it. The premise isn’t too bad, but the idea that you’re essentially a delivery man kind of bugs me. I wish Kojima went back to making Metal Gear Solid games, because I was not into this one.

What did you guys think of it?

I enjoyed it for a while, but gradually I got tired of doing the same thing over and over. Granted, you get to build roads eventually, which makes things much more enjoyable. But even so, it just didn’t keep me invested.

My friends ask me to play it but i wasn’t sure how good this game so i took a chance and absolutely love it. This is one of my favorite game now. Its unique and it has great story

The game is dying, I think they could have done more work on the game, cos the intro and the pizza guy thing, cmon, that’s just dump.