What are your thoughts on Razer's "Smart Mask"?

I just heard about this the other day. You can go to their site and take a look. The mask’s technology is pretty impressive. The storage box (which also charges the mask) has UV lighting to kill off bacteria and germs. The mask itself is transparent but tinted so you can see the person’s mouth when they wear it. It is also RGB functional. I mean this is not something I would spend money on but I think the idea behind it is interesting.

What to say, this mask is so cool, especially for the gamers :slight_smile: It has built-in earbuds and a microphone so that you can take calls and listen to music while wearing it, and it comes with a medical-grade N95 filter. The price is $149.99

This is so cool a mask! But the price is crazy tho!

Agree with you bro!