What browser do you use?

There are many browsers available to pick from, with some of the biggest names being Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge & Firefox. Which one do you use and prefer? And, tell the community the reasoning why! Remember to vote in the poll too.

Firefox is the best browser while the Chrome eat a lots of RAM memory and busy the system. I’ve assume they increase the system usage which makes your PC damage

For now, brave!

Everything is better than the edge. I’m using chrome and I have no special reason why. I just like it.

I never heard of a brave browser. I will check it.

I just tried that Brave browser…It is really great, and it is my main browser now :slight_smile: Thank you

Chrome and Opera.

I am using Opera these days which is a fine browser to operate.

This is new generation my friend. Now day people are using 8+GB rams. Can’t this memory handle the browser’s usage ?

I mainly use chrome, am used to browsing websites on the application. The application is fast and reliable. It is my best choice of application for browsing.

I have got all my details and website on chrome so I guess am stock with it.

I’m using Brave browser. It’s blocked over 6.6k. trackers and ads in only one week! It is really great browser.

I use Yandex Browser on desktop and mobile. It is especially excellent and innovative on mobile.

I use Chrome, Edge, DuckDuckGo and that’s really about it. I used to use Firefox, but kinda got bored with it, or more annoyed with it. I love Chrome, but I wish it wasn’t such a resource hog all the time.

The new Edge browser gets the job done for me.

I’m using brave browser and I’m happy with it. My privacy is important to me.

I use Brave. Have been for a while now. Love the built-in ad-blocker. I also started using their search engine. Worth checking out for anyone who likes the browser!