What do you collect guys?

i love to collect pokemon cards what do you collect guys?

collecting old comics from 2016

I collect games, movies, records, gaming memorabilia, old tech stuff and so much more. I like to make my room into a little treasure trove of junk I collect over the years.

I like to collect sports cards, movies and post cards from all the places that I visit. I mostly collect sports cards since I like sports alot.

Coincidence it might be , but I’ve a Pokemon Cards collection as well.

I like to collect video games , does that count guys?

I am collecting video games, both digital and physical copies. Sports cards, action figures, comic books, currency from all over the world.

I like just generally collecting items from different cultures. Right now I am pretty obsessed with maneki nekos. I also have merch from my favorite video games or series. I have some Pokemon plush items, posters from the MGS series, Nintendo related nostalgia items. I really don’t have just one thing I collect.

I’m not a big enthusiast for collecting, but in 2012, I collected some coins. They were the 50p Olympic ones during the London 2012 games. I’m hoping that they will be worth some money one day, but they are circulated coins.

I used to collect Pokémon and DragonballZ cards like crazy.

I used to collect stickers and wallpapers from the Marvel comic books , what a time it was.

I collect PS4 and PS5 games and i am bit addicts of it

I collect games on steam. Currently i have 800 + games on my steam and i love you play them all in weekend

I used to collect Xbox games and was addicted to it. But right now i don’t have any interest playing Xbox.

I love to collect games especially soccer games on my ps4, also wrestle videos and any romantic or gladiator films to keep me busy.

I collect text book pdf on programming courses and lecture videos.


Same here also, I love to collect ps4 and ps5 games, am addicted to the game especially football games

We all have keys around us, whether it may be a house key or a car key, and a key ring not only makes them look more appealing to the eye, but also makes our keys stand out so it is easy to locate them. I am a fan of there collection since my childhood . Starting from the kids meal in Mc Donalds ones to the A yellow taxi key chain from the Big Apple , New York city.

I have no interesting in collection/collecting, but my brother collect coins/currencies from different countries