What game would you do in esports?

What game or games do you guys think you can handle in the espots arena? I myself think I’m pretty good at Call of Duty and Battlefield. I also like to think I’m pretty decent at Fortnite, but I haven’t played in years so no idea if I can be good at it.

Other than that, what games do you guys think you can go pro in?

That’s a good question. I don’t know if I would be a pro in most games I play. I like to consider I am somewhat of a pro, but I bet there are tons better at the game than I. But, if I could, I would probably try my hand at one of the Madden NFL games. I’m no pro, but hey, maybe I can make it to a 3rd place finish. At least I think 1st through 3rd win a cash prize maybe.

Otherwise, maybe Call of Duty, Apex Legends, or COD Warzone.

I could definitely be pretty good with the NHL video games in esports style. There are a lot of tournaments for them. Even the NHL has their own video game tournament for people that can win $50,000.

I would get destroyed if I tried playing Call of duty or any of those games in esports. There are some crazy good players for those games.

I have been playing pubg for a very long time I think i can easily handle in esports plus i have won few tournament rooms,

I am a big player of PUBG i would like to chose this game for esports. I think most of games will chose it since its a reliable game which can be easily handle

In eSports, I would do Fortnite for sure. I wish I’m much better at it but I’m still struggling with the game. I have to train more, don’t wanna embarrassing myself while streaming :slight_smile:

PubG is a good game for esports. Lots of people play it including some people I know.

The most competitive game that I would consider myself half good at would be CS:GO and possibly Overwatch, although I haven’t played either for a pretty long time

I would say OW and RB6 both as support player .